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Bringing the Tanzanian Experience to New York City

Whether you travel for work or for fun to see new sights and meet fascinating people, the actual experience starts with your thoughts! Researching where to go, what to do, and why should you visit, are essential parts of booking your next experience. We tend to forget to enjoy this process since at times it can seem longer compared to the physical experience or traveling! We at Curious on Tanzania aim to make your thinking process a little easier but we also want to add some fun at the same time.

On Thursday February 2nd 2017, we hosted a Tanzanian Social Evening, bringing together people from different walks of life for a common interest: Tanzania! As so many of you are now seeking to find amazing destinations for your summer and fall vacations, Curious on Tanzania curated this event to trigger your thoughts through food and music, Tanzanian style.

Here's some of what many of you enjoyed and what some of you missed out on!

KokuGonza, performing a famous Swahili song called "Malaika" (My angel)

Tanzanian Music!

KokuGonza, the extremely talented daughter of a Tanzanian folk singer, who composes, arranges, and performs all vocals and guitar on her projects, sang the famous Swahili "Malaika" song and more of her original songs to get the crowd inspired.

Delicious Tanzanian Food!

Food for thought, as they say! The way to everyone's heart is through the stomach no? Our Tanzanian chefs here in NYC, Chef James and Chef Amne prepared a variety of Swahili street snacks from Mandazi (which is better than a regular doughnut), to meat Samosa (a delicious meat pie), Vitumbua (sweet rice cakes) to Nyama ya kukaanga (roasted meat) with Chapati (flat bread) on the side.

Tanzanian Arts!

Finally, one can never go wrong with dance moves and live drumming when it comes to bringing out any African culture. In Tanzania we have about 120 tribes and speak over 200 languages, so you can imagine in what direction we can go.

Some information

Your experience should not end here. We welcome you to Tanzania!

Sign up for our upcoming group trips: (space is limited)

1. Zanzibar Film Festival or Village to Village tour - July 6-16th,2017

2. Afro Fitness Adventure - September 7-17th, 2017

3. Culinary Adventure - October 12th-22nd, 2017

4. Music and Beauty tour - November 2nd-12th, 2017

Email us at for any questions.

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Tanzanian Social Evening. We hope to have more of you join us next time. Asante sana (Thank you) to our sponsors: Voyager HQ, Tuzola, Gotpuku, trendytripping, Events by Adey and all the volunteers. Images by Ibra from Vijimambo blog.

Written by Justa Lujwangana

Edited by Gabby Joseph

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