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Building Curious on Tanzania

Meet our extraordinary curious team

As you all may know, it takes a village to raise a child, for us at Curious on Tanzania we say it takes a strong team to build a brand. Some of you may not know the persons behind the brand Curious on Tanzania, so we are taking a moment to re-introduce myself and also introduce you to a few members of our amazing team.

Our Founder

Justa Lujwangana, founder

I'm Justa (in the middle), a dancer, dietitian, entrepreneur, storyteller and especially a curious traveler, with a desire to serve as a bridge between Western society and my Tanzanian heritage. Finding a way to reconnect with my roots after leaving Tanzania at a very young age and also sharing my country with as many people as possible was crucial. So, In 2014 I set a goal to visit every corner of my homeland. I'm still not finished yet though, as my team and I prefer to go kidogo, kidogo (see translation at the end of email) so we don't miss anything worth experiencing!

Why roadmap journeys?

Tim and Justa during a road trip to Selous National Park in southern, Tanzania

Just like you, my journeys started with my curiosities. That intense need to know more about my roots and finding a way to connect dots between my homeland and my world in NY kept me grounded. In 2014, I finally took that leap of faith to go and experience what I have been longing for. Today, my team and I look forward to helping you explore our homeland through creating your own unique roadmap while maintaining authenticity.

Meet the Curious team:

Starting to the left is Tim, then Justa and last is Dean.

It took a while to form this amazing, knowledgeable and fun team. As they have and continue to guide me and other curious travelers through "out of this world" roadmap experiences, I must mention how grateful I am to them for being open-minded and for bringing so many amazing experiences to life. Thank you team!

Find out more about our team...

As we say in Swahili: "Kidogo kidogo" - Little by little

Thank you all for your continuous support and we look forward to hosting you soon. We hope we are keeping you more curious about our beautiful homeland.
Justa Lujwangana

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