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It's not just about fancy meals.

Food and culinary tourism it's not just about fancy meals. There is more types of food experiences that surpass gourmet interests include farm visits to learn about how food is grown and local practices + belief, food tasting, visiting farmers’ markets, home cooking, pub food, and street food tours. Pictures taken during our visit at Mpoto Fundation farm.

We @curiousontanzania are excited to apart of Mpoto Foundation farm team.

The "ahh moment" (in oprah's voice ).... is that while in the mix of re-creating these experiences, many of our families and friends of friends are willing to share their experiences with those who are curious and appreciate their way of living. This is humbling to us.

We are all about experiential travel. Join us on our next trip.

Justa, founder of Curious on Tanzania during her visit to Mpoto foundation farm.

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