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  • Passport To Beauty Road Trip

    Inspired by a young musician who looks to visit her homeland for the first time.

    October 28- November 7th, 2017

  • For the music, beauty and culture lovers

    Be a part of the 10days/9nights welcome home adventure for singer, song writer, guitar player, artist KokuGonza, daughter of a Tanzanian folk singer. On this journey, you will join KokuGonza and her band as she discovers her roots through music, culture, history, beauty and natural hair movement.

    And the journey begins... full itinerary below


    Home to the Bahaya people and where KokuGonza's Father is from. Situated on the shore of the second largest fresh water, Lake Victoria, Bukoba lies only 1 degree south of the Equator, making it sunny and mild most of the year. The city is flat and compact, forming a bowl as it is surrounded by hills.


    PS: Feel free to play the KokuGonza's video to the right while reading through the itinerary.


    Day 1

    Entebbe, Uganda

    • Arrive at Entebbe airport
    • Pick up to head to your hotel
    • Relax + nightlife in Kampala




    Day 2

    Road Trip to Bukoba

    • Early morning
    • Pass through the equator
    • Road Trip across Uganda and into Tanzania boarder.
    • Arrive in Bukoba for welcome dinner + dance

    Day 3

    Meet family + Friends tour

    • Village + culture tour
    • Historical tour
    • Camp Fire evening + dinner with live music
    • Storytelling with neighbors


    DAY 4


    KokuGonza and her band will collaborate with COSAD's Imuka community choir for a village concert that will be memorable by both the guests and community members.



    Like New York, Dar is also known as the melting port of cultures and diversity. Over the last century, the city has transformed from a sleepy Zaramo fishing village into a thriving, striving, smoke-belching metropolis of over four million people (and growing). Straddling some of the most important sea routes in the world, it is East Africa’s second-busiest port and Tanzania’s commercial and cultural hub. (by Lonely planet).


    Day 5

    Farewell to Bukoba

    • Depart from Bukoba airport
    • Fly to Mwanza (Known for great fresh water fish)
    • Arrive Dar in the evening + Homestay
    • Dinner + Nightlife 




    Day 6

    Relaxed Beach day

    • Late breakfast
    • Pack for a day at the beach
    • Take boat to an inhibited island for a picnic day
    • Dar nightlife





    Day 7

    Kipilipili Beauty Conference

    • On this day we will meet with Tanzanian women who will help us explore and celebrate natural hair, beauty culture and introduce different beauty techniques used in Tanzania.
    • We will have a panel discussion on beauty + Natural hair + women in music

    More to come... Day 8,9,10

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