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From the classroom to board room to the bush and/or beach.

What is a career trek?

Career Treks are a career exploration initiative that allow students to travel to various cities or countries in order to gain insight into career fields of interest. Through Trek, students can contribute to a community, gain real-world experience, and build lasting connections. These immersive experiences provide behind the scenes opportunities for students to engage with an organization, shadow professionals in the workplace, learn about various career paths, meet with alumni, and more.

Working with Georgetown University MBA Student Trek 2017

Image of Georgetown students during their safari excursion.

The student president of Georgetown’s Black MBA Association contact us at curious on Tanzania in regards to coordinating their Tanzania Trek few months early. They indicated that during this trek, they were looking to better understand how business is conducted in Sub-Saharan Africa. Many of the students on the trek were also very excited for the opportunity to engage directly with the CEOs and founders of various businesses in Tanzania.

Image with Georgetown alumni and CEO, Mo Dewji of METL Group (center)

Trek Goal: To expose Georgetown MBA students to business and cultural experiences in Tanzania. Through company visits with local businesses, first-hand experience of how business is conducted in Africa. They also seek to provide students with access to experiences that are unique to country.

Type of Experience: Educational & Authentic Cultural Experiences. In Dar es Salaam, the MBA students coordinated corporate visits during the day through their Alumni network. In Zanzibar, they asked for recommendations for fun cultural activities (historic sites, safari, beach etc).

Trek Location: Dar es Salaam & Zanzibar

Number of Travelers: 15-20 students

Budget: Target was set

Targeted Trip Dates: Friday, December 15- Saturday, December 23, 2017

Planning of the trek.

Image of COT founder Justa and team safari drivers at Butembo Lodge.

As Curious on Tanzania is an experiential travel company, we assisted in coordinating the logistics of their trip while in Tanzania. We have trip director and the point of contact for all needs of students from transportation, meals and events coordination on the ground, to safari, culture and Zanzibar excursion. We led the trek and insured all was well through out the journey with our team of 20 members from Dar es Salaam to Southern Tanzania to Zanzibar. Our team was always there at every leg of the journey while making the students feel at home during their trek.

During the safari game drive in southern Tanzania.

Trek Highlight:

Duration: 9days/8nights


  • Safari Adventure in Southern area, walking Safari tour with bushman to Boat Safari
  • Meeting with CEO and founders of firms Ex. (Mo Dewji from MeTL group)
  • Visits of various companies that range from micro finance, manufacturing to tourism and investments and feel that a solar company.
  • Meeting the locals and learning about local culture through food, music and dance.
  • Historical tours and leisure experience in Zanzibar  

The student trek was completed on December 23rd, 2017, students departed well informed and immersed in the Tanzania culture. We hope, we had a good impression on them to return and conduct business or work in Tanzania in the near future.

Karibuni (Welcome to) Tanzania!

If you have questions about planning or coordinating a trek, feel free to email us at or visit Curious on Tanzania

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